How Much Does Concrete Leveling Cost in Evansville?

Concrete and concrete slabs can settle due to a multitude of issues, the most prevalent of which is an inconsistency of moisture in the Evansville area soil. The soil in the Evansville area expands and contracts as moisture levels fluctuate during the dry and rainy seasons. Naturally occurring soils in some areas of the area might consolidate over time.

Concrete settlement is also caused by soil erosion, which is frequent in areas with poor drainage. Concrete slabs erected on the filled-in ground can also settle excessively. This is typical in basement-level homes because the backfill on the outside of the foundation is frequently not compacted adequately.

What is Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling is a method that aims to fix an uneven concrete surface by modifying the base upon which the surface rests. It is a less expensive option to having new concrete poured and is often used in small companies and individual homes, as well as industries, warehouses, airports, and on roads, highways, and other infrastructure.


When it comes to leveling out old concrete that has grown uneven and structurally unstable, concrete leveling can work wonders. Here are some fantastic advantages of concrete leveling:


One excellent argument to choose to level is that it is less expensive than replacing concrete. Instead, you have the already-installed concrete smoothed out so that it is even once more. This means you don’t have to spend on new concrete and yet get fantastic results.

Quick Process

The method is relatively quick because you don’t have to remove old concrete and have new concrete poured. Uneven sections of concrete are drilled into and then filled with a limestone mixture, which lifts the concrete and makes it all even again. You’re ready to go once this mixture has dried.


When your concrete is smoothed, it looks fantastic. This is true whether the concrete is being leveled on the inside or outside. It is an excellent method for leveling out your home’s foundation and restoring it to its previous level and aesthetically pleasing surface. It is also excellent for improving the appearance of roads, sidewalks, patios, and other surfaces.


Finally, it is a wonderful technique to make your concrete as secure as possible. Uneven foundations might jeopardize your home’s structural safety, and uneven walkways or roads can cause you to slip and fall. In both of these circumstances, leveling the concrete can completely solve the problem.

Cost of Concrete Leveling

The cost of lifting and leveling your concrete is determined entirely by volume. That is, the cost is mostly determined by the cubic feet or cubic yards of material necessary to level your concrete. This is a little more complicated than simply calculating square footage since we must also account for the depth in addition to the area.

Self-Leveling Concrete Cost

Before beginning a self-leveling concrete project, it is a good idea to research the self-leveling concrete Evansville costs. While national averages can provide a rough notion, they typically exclude aspects that may affect the final price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs, and any local permissions required for the Evansville self-leveling concrete project. In 2022, the average cost spent by homeowners for concrete slab leveling will be between $333.00 and $1,908.00.