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Do you have some quite old, deprecated concrete surfaces? It is only natural for concrete to be strong and stay durable, serving you for a very long time, however, it doesn’t change the fact that the concrete surface will be enduring lots of environmental factors and heavyweights that would wear and tear the pavement. 

In the end, there are many different factors that can deteriorate the concrete’s condition, so, the best first course of action would be to find out what caused the problem in the first place. In doing so, you may be able to easier decide which method of repair should be taken. 

After figuring out what has caused the damage, it is then time to do the needed preparation for removing any of the damaged or unstable concrete and contamination, then install a repair designed to solve the problem. Concrete repair is something that can be done by homeowners themselves or has professionals work on it. Naturally, DIY will likely not last as long as the work of professionals or may even have no significant effect at all.

Assessing The Condition Of Evansville Concrete

Evaluating a concrete surface that appears to be in perfect condition is something that may never even cross our minds. The only times we actually start to actively take a look at our concrete is when significant damage has started to appear. And so, what exactly should we be looking for when assessing damaged concrete for driveway contractors to work on? Well, it would be first best to determine if the damage is structural or superficial. 

Some small cracks within residential concrete such as driveways or patios may still be able to be DIY repaired. However, when it comes to larger damages, let’s say a huge crack in the base or pillar of the structure, then it is best to call a professional. Doing these projects yourselves without proper knowledge about them would only make things worse. 

If you do notice some significant commercial business concrete damages, then it should be best to simply document any structural problems you observe and contact the owner immediately. If you were there and a failure occurs, you may even be held accountable for not taking action.

It could be dangerous if the structure seems to possibly collapse but if it is not yet that dangerous, then you may first observe it and visually evaluate it. Even with some simple visual evaluation, it is still possible to determine the number of things such as is the damage is local or widespread? Is it superficial or does the damage go deeper in the affordable concrete? Are the cracks still moving? Is there any information on the original structure?

What Exactly Causes Concrete Damage?

After having the concrete structure evaluated, the next step would be to determine what caused the damage. You may already be familiar with this step, also known as troubleshooting. Concrete, in particular, is strong in compression and weak in tension. This means that if an unplanned crack were ever to appear, the concrete is in tension. You should also note that the crack is always perpendicular to the direction of the floor tension.

The concrete was shrinking back in each direction from the corner and that diagonal crack is perpendicular to the direction of shrinkage. You may observe the diagonal crack across the corner of a slab panel where it was run over by heavy traffic or the subbase was poorly compacted. Looking at the following examples of concrete foundation problems and why they appear may give you a better idea of the topic. Our contractors will work on these. 

Stamped Concrete Cracks From Structural Stress

Some may not know this, but steel reinforcement is actually completely useless, at least until the concrete cracks. In fact, even if the crack may be very narrow or even invisible, the steel doesn’t start getting pulled to hold the concrete together until the stamped concrete cracks. Also do keep in mind that any driveway crack can also widen when there is no steel, not enough steel, or the loads are too heavy during construction or while doing its service.

In fact, these cracks may not be much of a deal if they are just on the ground, but it’s a much more serious problem if these cracks appear in walls, floors, or pillars. Cracks on either one of those would be hazardous and may signal to be a structural problem in need of leveling concrete repair.

Repair Foundation  Drying Shrinkage

To briefly explain, concrete typically has more moisture in it the concrete is placed than there is that’s consumed by the hydration reaction. When this happens, it would end up shrinking about 0.15 inches over 20 feet while the water evaporates. Although this is the case, it would still count on the condition of how wet the concrete driveway repair was from the start.

In any case, holding up a concrete slab in the air while it shrinks can prevent cracks, however, with the concrete being on the ground, it drags on the subgrade and the shrinkage is restrained while cracks form. Additionally, when professionals sidewalk contractors work on concrete, it is only essential for them to form some joints that can control concrete leveling Evansville drying shrinkage cracks. These joints are connected to what is known as “planned cracks”.

Concrete Leveling Evansville Reinforcing Steel Corrosion

These typically appear when the steel rebar is protected inside the concrete because the concrete is very alkaline, this then allows it to prevent rust. There are also some circumstances in which chloride ions are existent in the mix, which get the chloride to destroy the “passivating layer” of alkalinity around the steel, allowing it to rust. De-icing salt is another example of this.

Do note that rust has a greater volume than steel. The expansion also presses against the concrete putting it in tension and thus, resulting in it cracking and popping off. Cracks are the causes of chlorides sipping into concrete since they simply penetrate through the concrete’s pore structure. Our Evansville concrete contractors can fix these.

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