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Evansville Concrete Company has extensive experience in the concrete industry, having served both the local community and the neighboring areas. We are committed to providing the best service possible to all of our clients, not just those in the Evansville area. Among Evansville’s concrete contractors, we have provided the best solutions for all concrete needs. We stress quality and customer satisfaction to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. Contact us immediately to put yourself in the capable hands of our expert Evansville concrete contractors.

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Whatever the extent of your project, our skilled team will work with you to ensure that each component is completed correctly and efficiently. Our years of experience have allowed us to establish a reputation in the Evansville area as a dependable and skilled concrete contractor. As a result, our expert team and contractors employed only the best materials, such as concrete Evansville, to ensure that all project parameters were met and beyond the client’s expectations.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have a straightforward purpose, yet they are deceptively tough to get correctly. A retaining wall contractor should have years of expertise and all of the knowledge that goes along with it. They will know how to deal with the soil on your land, what type of drainage to install, and what materials to utilize for the task. You can only learn these things by doing.

A retaining wall must withstand a great deal of pressure, so the materials used in its construction must be of excellent quality. Otherwise, you’ll be constructing a new retaining wall before you know it. Experts such as ourselves will know where to find the greatest materials at the best prices.

Here’s Why You Need One

Retaining walls are commonly found in areas where additional support is required to keep the ground from flowing downhill due to erosion. The most fundamental function of a retaining wall is to combat gravity; the lateral force of the slope must be offset in the construction of the retaining wall. Retaining walls are also useful for:

Make available useable land.

People have utilized retaining wall techniques to build terraces of usable land on slopes for millennia. A retaining wall can do the same thing for your house (albeit on a much smaller scale); landscaping is much easier when you have a level area in your yard.

Control water runoff.

Retaining walls also serve to reduce the flow of rainfall, increasing the utility of your gardening and lawn care. Portland residents can help keep polluting street water out of local waterways by creating a water-hungry retaining wall system, possibly with a rain garden built in.

Make additional seating available.

Once installed, your retaining wall may give various unexpected benefits, such as landscaping seating. Depending on where your retaining wall is located, it may become a popular place to sit and converse.

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