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About Melody Hill

The area of Melody Hill is considered a census-designated place that can be located in the Center Township within the county of  Vanderburgh in the U.S. state of Indiana. According to the 2010 census, the area had a population of 3,628. Additionally, the geography of the CDP also has a total area of 1.4 square miles, of which 1.4 square miles is land and 0.73% is water.

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Additionally, Melody Hill also includes some residential areas south of the Evansville Regional Airport, north of Lynch Road, west of Green River Road, and east of the industrial area that includes Whirlpool. This CDP is considered a suburb of Evansville that gives its residents a rural feel, moreover, the public schools in Melody Hill are highly rated.

Concrete Services

In the modern world of construction, concrete can be seen everywhere. In fact, it is typically the main material used to erect the houses and buildings that we all stay and depend on. We may not notice it, but we rely a lot on concrete so carelessly pouring concrete surfaces is indeed a bad idea.

When it comes to any type of concrete construction, you can always count on us. Our concrete contractor company has professionals and expert members providing quality services. We will surely provide great quality service and satisfy your needs for any type or size of the project.

Concrete Driveway 

Concrete has a lot of well-known advantages, from durability and strength, to design versatility,  and even requiring very little maintenance, making it the perfect material for driveways. The strength and durability it provides make concrete driveways a worthwhile investment for improving curb appeal.

Concrete Patio

When it comes to the addition of a concrete patio, it is generally considered a great idea as it also adds value and entertainment spaces to your property. Additionally, there is also the thing about concrete’s design versatility, with this to your advantage, you can make sure that visitors and the like would appreciate your patio.

Concrete Repair

Whatever material you use and no matter how durable and strong they may be, it is unavoidable for the material to get damaged over time. These services are about fixing cracks, physical impacts, chipped-out surfaces, or other concrete surface problems. These damages may be caused by different factors including certain environmental elements.

Concrete Leveling

Another type of concrete damage is having the concrete become uneven. When this happens, the concrete surface would not only look unappealing but it can even become a safety hazard as property owners and other residents will be prone to tripping. These concrete leveling services are done in order to fix this uneven concrete and pump it back to how it should be.

Stamped concrete services 

Stamped concrete services is a kind of concrete decorative service that allows concrete to be imprinted or textured and is also able to imitate real stones, these natural stones that it can imitate include slate and flagstone, tile, brick, and even wood. When it comes to stamped concrete, there are many different varieties of pattern and color choices, making it essentially unlimited.

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