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How Can I Make My Concrete Patio More Attractive?

Concrete is a popular construction paving material that boasts both its durability and versatile design options. Many construction experts would say that concrete is a fine choice of construction material when it comes to commercial or residential construction projects. When the concrete was first invented, it only had a plain, grey surface appearance that looks very boring and industrial. 

However, further research allows for many innovative upgrades for concrete, which is also the case for its designs. These upgrades allowed for concrete to have creative finishes with staining and stamping, many coloring options, as well as forming numerous unique shapes. Although concrete in itself already has many decorative selections, what really makes concrete stand out would be its surrounding decorations.

Let’s take a look at what additions or customizations you can add to your concrete patio to turn it into a more attractive patio. Choose some of the ideas on the list based on what really fits your home and lifestyle.

Finishings And Refinishing

When it comes to concrete, there are several finishing methods that expert contractors use to enhance your concrete’s appearance. This would include staining, scoring, stamping, and even some additional paving. Some of these concrete treatments can even be done for concrete that has already been fully cured.

  • Concrete Scoring. You may not have heard of the term before, but scoring patterns are what’s made by simply having to cut into the concrete about ¼ inch. While the professionals make these cuts, they are also able to make a pattern across the paving that is able to provide the field of concrete with a constant visual rhythm. Some of the more popular scoring patterns options that homeowners usually take include grids, diamonds, and repeating lines.
  • Concrete Staining. When it comes to the more frequent concrete finishing design options, there are stains for concrete work. This can be applied through the installment of the concrete patio or by having to break into the surface of the paving as well as altering the color, texture, or both. 

Do take note that these staining methods usually weaken the concrete’s surface apart from that, these types of concrete refinishing methods would also require a sealant to be applied over the stain so that the paving doesn’t end up degrading. Concrete staining unlocks a wide range of decorative options but it is most popularly used to make concrete look like tiles.

  • Stamped Concrete. Stamped concrete is more of a complete concrete finishing that is applied while the professionals are applying your patio. However, you can still make old stamped concrete look new again with recoloring. You can also change the color of stamped concrete if you are unhappy with the current shade.

Adding Attractive Lights

It is true that concrete can make your place a lot more attractive, however, what makes your concrete patio surface and other structures and furniture look better are its surroundings. You can make your patio look more gorgeous and stunning by being creative and making your patio comes to life while making use of the shades dancing on the surface.

You can create some shade that would be able to make a patio that’s blinded by full sun feel more inviting. You can also brighten a dark, gloomy patio by bringing in more natural light or adding low-glow lights for nighttime.

Creative Edges

The smallest details make the biggest changes. When it comes to a precast concrete paver patio, its edges are usually cut to be curvy. However, if the surface is in a good shape and has no major cracks, it can also be cut with a circular saw. With this, the concrete edges can also be changed. This means that you would have just a portion of it removed to create a different geometry. 

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